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The Olive Grove

Baglio Novo Olive Grove is located in Fulgatore, only few Kilometers from Trapani, Marsala, Erice and Segesta. From there it is possible to glimpse the Aegadian Islands and Erice, cosidered one of the most beautiful Italian Hamlet and mentioned by Gabriele D’annunzio in one of his poetry. The nearby town of Segesta was also one of the major cities of the Elymian and Phoenicians in 750 and 700 a.c. Walking among the trees in our Olive Grove you can find small ancient rocks from that period. Baglio Novo was built in the 1800 and it's surrounded by ancient rural buildings named “Baglio” that have Arabic origins (“Bahal”) and have a typical courtyard delimited from ancient residence.
Galardo is a centenary Olive Grove and it is located along the slopes of the valley where our beautiful Farmhouse stands. It is only a few kilometers from the fascinating Corleone and Palermo. Galardo Olive Grove represents the historical roots of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Both Olive Groves, Baglio Novo and Galardo, are managed directly by Orsola and local farmers that have been working there from many generations in order to keep our ancient traditions.


Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Galardo’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the product of a family’s genuine love for its lands and olive grove. Galardo evokes a traditional way of life enhanced by an awareness of the future, like a bridge connecting four generations. Our single estate Extra Virgin Olive is a blend of three traditional Sicilian cultivars. “Nocellara del Belice” is known for its robust, elegant flavor and spicy notes, while “Biancolilla” brings a light and fruity body with hints of artichoke and fresh grass. The high – density and warm golden tones of “Cerasuola” ensures bitterness and pungency on the finish, a perfectly balanced olive oil. Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made exclusively from Sicilian olives, hand – harvested in C.da Galardo, Roccamena (Pa) and in C.da Baglio Novo, Fulgatore (Tp), is cold pressed and characterized by low acidity. These three varietals combine to give a full – bodied taste, a balance of intensity and delicacy. Our commitment to sustainable, organic care of our trees and cold press extraction, ensures the best flavor and full nutrition of our authentic extra – virgin olive oil.

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Country Estate

Galardo is surrounded by vast valleys of waving wheat, making the view quite impressive from our farm and our one hundred year old olive grove. The famous Arabic geographer Idrisi noted the presence of these ancient rural buildings around a large courtyard and he called them “Al Galid” from which we get our name Galardo. Our farmhouse has maintained the same Arabic farmhouse structure found by Idrisi from over a thousand years ago. Silence, peace and nature are the principal elements of this place located far away from hectic city life. Galardo consists of five apartments, three of which have been restored in the modern Recycled Art style, to make you feel part of nature. As our philosophy is to combine tradition and authenticity with modern conservation, the other apartments have been designed to express the Sicilian rural style of centuries past, which reflects the history of our farm. It is only a few kilometers from Corleone and Palermo. Organic orange trees and rosemary bushes have been planted on the grounds for our guests to pick and enjoy. We serve breakfast on demand and we equip every apartment with the basics. Each apartment has a private kitchen, a beautiful chimney and bathroom. Galardo is the perfect place to organize any type of event and to experience and enjoy a truly Sicilian atmosphere.



The Galardo Estate has belonged to our family for four generations. As we look toward the future we seek to enhance our production of our olive oil by having a proper respect for the environment. First, we are committed to organic farming methods. Next, we are installing a windmill to provide power while cutting down CO2 emissions. All analysis are performed with the advanced laboratory equipment to ensure the highest quality oil.
Our Olive oil is certified by CCPB srl (Certificazione e controllo prodotti biologici) and this independent monitoring company checks that our product and our production sites conform to EU regulations for Organic farming. Harvesting is done by hand in early October until November, during optimum climatic conditions. Our olives are transported to the mill to be cold pressed and become oil within next twelve hours. The process through which the olives become oil is “breaking”, “chopping” and “extraction”, taking care that the temperature never exceeds 27°C (80.6 °F). Our organic extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed allowing the oil to maintain all its nutritional benefits, preserving the best flavor and aroma.


The Story

Galardo derives from “Al Galid” which is the name given to the lands that now constitute our farm by the famous 12th century Arab geographer Idrisi. In his collection of geographical maps which was commissioned by the Norman king, Roger II of Sicily, Idrisi verifies the existence of our property at that time. Galardo was run by Sisters of the Curia S.S. Salvatore of Corleone from 1460 to 1860 about. Our family bought these lands from Garibaldi on this date. The Galardo logo uses a symbolic image of the beautiful Bridge of Calatrasi to represent a connection between the two sides of our Sicilian farm. The bridge is located southwest of Roccamena (near Corleone) where we have our charming farmhouse complex which is surrounded by cultivated fields of grain and legumes, and our small hundred-year-old organic olive grove. We cross the bridge to continue on to Fulgatore (near Trapani) where my grandmother Orsola's vineyard and organic olive grove is located. The bridge also symbolizes the generational connection between my grandmother and me: the same name, the same passion for authentic organic olive oil. The lovely feminine silhouette on the label commemorates my grandmother's devotion to her olive grove. The strength and energy she put into her work while alive, inspired me to become a producer of organic olive oil from the olives of her grove. Her father was the owner of one of the first modern mills in Sicily: our Family can boast in fact a long history in the production of Extra Virgin Olive oil. Our work represents a real way of life based on ancient traditions and knowledge handed down from generation to generation.



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House & Centenary Olive Grove

SP27, 90040 Roccamena (PA)

Vineyard and Olive Grove

Str. Baglio Nuovo, 91100 Baglio Nuovo (TP)

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